Ready-made carp leaders are a great initiative for beginners who do not know how to make the final part of a carp set on their own yet, or for a group of people who have very little time to tie it themselves. In our offer we distinguish the following types. Pop Up Designed for floating balls. Presentation of baits on the bottom of the fishery is very important, that is why in our offer you will find this type of ready baits. Ronnie Rig Very popular recently and effective in fisheries where there is underwater vegetation or muddy bottom. Breaking More and more carp fisheries allow only fishing for carp from a cast due to water regulations. Bearing in mind carp anglers attending such reservoirs, we have also introduced leaders for casting, so called breakers. To minimise the risk of entanglement during the flight, we can use pva materials, for example a small net with stick mix and thread the set through the middle. With a positioner The hook positioner definitely increases the effectiveness of the carp strike. In addition, it positions the hook in such a way that it turns as quickly as possible and hits the bottom lip of the carp. For sinking boilies Definitely a larger group of carp anglers use sinking boilies and snowmen, that is a combination of sinking boilies as well as floating boilies. With this group of people in mind we have introduced hair leaders to our offer. To be used for casting When fishing for carp we usually take our sets away for a few hundred metres, so we have to make sure that the final section of our set lies perfectly on the bottom and is not tangled.
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