A carp weight is the main element of our set, because without the weight our set will not hold on the bottom of the fishery properly. There is no shortage of sinker models; we can find sinkers in different colors, shapes and, most importantly, of different weights. They can also be divided into several basic models based on their purpose and shape. At first glance, we can easily distinguish carp sinkers for landing, as they are most commonly used by carp anglers. When fishing from a sinker, especially at longer distances where we take our sets to the distance of 200 to 400 meters and sometimes even further, a properly chosen sinker that will hold the set perfectly at the bottom of the fishery is the key to success. Most often we use sinkers with a swivel, which are clipped into a safe clip. Carp weights for long casts should not be indifferent when choosing them either, because a well-chosen weight will influence the length of our casts. We can definitely say that if we really want to achieve good results when fishing from a cast, we should use through/centre-shaped weights. Of course, we also have to choose the right rod and reel. It is worth remembering that we also offer natural stone carp weights, which are much better for the underwater environment than regular lead.
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