Ready-made carp end sets are products designed for carp beginners who are not yet able to make one themselves as well as for people who do not like to make one themselves but prefer to use a ready-made carp set. Of course, doing it yourself gives a lot of satisfaction, especially when you catch a fish with the set you made yourself at home, but not everyone has the time to devote several hours before the carp fishing session to tying them.

In our offer they are available in the following variants:
With leadcore and bumper bead designed mainly for casting.Rig is constructed on leadcore. All you have to do is to attach a carp sinker and a leader and you can start your adventure with fishing with Chod Rig, which is very popular in recent times. In the clip you attach the sinker and the leader to the swivel and you have a very simple and effective final element.

In our assortment you can also find : leadcore with a swivel for a quick exchange. On the basis of this product we can construct many combinations. Leadcore with a clip for fast exchange on the basis of this product you can make a set for Chod Riga and many others. In this category you will also find Fluorocarbon Leader, which is a leadcore made of fuorocarbon without the lead core inside. For those who do not like the traditional leadcore with the lead core inside, we also have a ready-made leadcore without the core, which is ended on one side with a loop to which you tie the main line, and on the other side it is ended with a swivel for fast changing. If you don't like tying, you've come to the right place :) In our offer you will find a carp tackle self-tie, anti-tangle as well as a through-line for ground carp.

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